If matching isn't for you or you just need a break, here are your options:

I'd like to opt-out of matching but remain on the team

You might want to stay on the team to continue seeing CoffeeMaker prompts. To disable matching but stay on the team, send a personal message to the CoffeePals app with the command "disable-matching". This will ensure that you don't receive any more matches until you send the command "enable-matching".

I'm on vacation and I need to pause matching 🌞

We're still working on the ability to pause matching for a set period of time. For now, send the command "disable-matching" and create your own calendar event or reminder to "enable-matching" when you return from vacation 🏝.

I'm no longer interested in receiving matches and I don't need to be on the team

To stop matching, you can simply leave the team in Microsoft Teams. We may ask you one final time if you've had the chance to meet up with your match. After that, you won't receive any more notifications from the CoffeePals App.

Please let us know why it wasn't for you. We're always eager to hear feedback from our users to improve the product in the future. Send us a message using the purple button at the bottom right of the screen.
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