How to Install the CoffeePals App

To find the CoffeePals app in the Microsoft Teams store, you can search for CoffeePals in the app tabs. Alternatively, you can click this link which will open the app right in Teams.

If you can't find the CoffeePals app in the Teams store, contact your IT administrator to get permission to view the app within Teams.

Create a CoffeePals Team

We recommend creating a new CoffeePals team in MS Teams. Choose a new name for your team. We've seen it be called "Introductions", "Coffee Buddies", "Random Chats", "Coffee Chats" or, our favourite, "CoffeePals".

Add the CoffeePals App to the Team

Find the CoffeePals App in the Teams Store or by clicking this link. Once you find the app, click the dropdown next to Open/Add then click Add to a team. Add the app to the team you just created.

Add to Team

Once the app is in a team, all users in the team will be automatically opted-in. Any new users that join the team will automatically be opted-in.

Configuring CoffeePals for Your Team

To configure your CoffeePals team, you'll need to access the dashboard. Send the CoffeePals app in a personal message with the command "Dashboard". This will return a secure login link to authenticate you into the dashboard. Once you are in the dashboard, click the Team Settings tab to view your list of teams. Click the Manage Team button on the team card to open up the configuration page.

Match Settings

On the free plan, matching takes place every Tuesday at 10AM in pairs. In the match settings, you can:
Enable and Disable matching for the team.
Choose which channel matching notifications get sent to.
Select the timezone for when matches are sent out.

On the Pro plan, you can:
All things on the free plan.
Choose either Standard Matching or Cross-Group Matching.
Choose the frequency of matching (1-4 weeks).
Choose the match day and time.
Choose the match group size (1 - 5 members).

CoffeeMaker Settings

On the free plan, CoffeeMaker will send prompts to your team at 10AM on Wednesdays and Fridays. In the CoffeeMaker settings, you can:
Enable and Disable CoffeeMaker for the Team.
Select the channel CoffeeMaker prompts will be sent to.
Select the timezone prompts are sent in at 10AM

On the Pro plan, you can:
All things on the free plan.
Choose which days CoffeeMaker Sends Prompts.
Choose the time of day CoffeeMaker sends prompts.

If you have any questions that we did not cover or feedback, hit the purple chat button at the bottom right of the screen! You can also contact us at .
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